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Meta Restaurant

Web Design and Development

We revamped Meta Restaurant’s website from a one-pager to a multi-page layout. A multi-page layout is great when you want to optimize individual pages with their own title, descriptions as well as keywords.

We compressed the web images so that it is optimised for speed without delaying the loading time. Apart from compressing the web images, we minify HTML, CSS, and javascript which minimizes the file size that helps in speeding up the loading time of the website.

We improved the UX (User Experience) by placing the call-to-action button at the top right corner of the website. This will allow users to easily make a reservation at Meta Restaurant with just a single click.

The website revamp process took us approximately 2 weeks to complete and we love the elegance and sophistication of this one-star Michelin restaurant, which is located at Keong Saik Road.